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-Need password for rar archive i downloaded.
Password: 123

-Do I have to pay for watching/downloading?
You don't have to pay for it.

-Why do subtitles sometimes not match up to what is actually being said?
Subtitles are done well after the film is made and usually by a different company. Since it's not seen as an important part of the film's production, it (unfortunately) rarely receives the care and the crafting that the original film does.

-Why I cannot watch your videos ?
Uppod player supports all devices which are HTML5 ready. This includes devices like iPhone, iPad, PS3, Android, PC, MAC, Linux and others.
1.Please make sure that your browser supports Uppod player:

2.Install/Update flash player
3.If you read all these and you have taken appropriate actions but the problem still exists, please contact

-How do I turn off closed captions?
The closed captions are hard coded into the movie and there is no way to turn it off online, but you can download the movie as rar archive (avi+str) and turn it off on PC.

-Error "Sorry, but the requested page was not found!"
Please contact

Les plus populaires ! (Les films francais avec sous-titres francais)

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Jeux d'enfants

Francais pour debutant (PDF)
(en francais)

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